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Things to do:


-Finish MLPCH scene 23
-Start MLBP page 3
-Finish drawing MLPCH scene 23

-Draw Ivy and Matilda
-Draw Sunrise field
-Finish A Goodbye To Love - 2500 words
-Draw Title page

Reshiram or Zekrom? 

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:bulletblue: MAJOR FANFICS: :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: My Little Pony Corrupt Heroes :bulletblue:
MLP Corrupt Heroes title page by Dr-SirenMLPCH  part 2 - Title page by Dr-Siren
Starring: Bellchime, Graveking Necrexia
Story genre: Crossover, dark, emotional, romance, action
Story length: 30 chapters


:bulletblue: My Little Pony Self-Hybrid Replace :bulletblue:
MLP Self-Hybrid Replace - Title page by Dr-SirenRain Skipper's Despair  (MLPS-HR poster) by Dr-Siren
Starring: Dark Knight, Dr Malakiya
Story genre: Crossover, horror, grimdark, action
Story length: 5 chapters (spin-off)


:bulletblue: My Little BroKeN Pony :bulletblue:
My Little BroKeN Pony - Title page by Dr-Siren (COMIC)
Starring: Flame Jewel
Story genre: Sadness, dark, comedy
Story Length: Unknown


:bulletblue: The Poisoned Truth :bulletblue:
The Poisoned Truth (Nuzlocke) - title page by Dr-Siren (Nuzlocke)
Story genre: Darkness
Story Length: 8 chapters


:bulletpurple: SHORT STORIES: :bulletpurple:
The Nightfall Frolic
It was nightfall, in the land of Lacrimis, a land so very far away from the land of Equestria. A land in such continual downpours and twinkling snowstorms, it magically remains hidden in mirages from any seeing-eye from space.
Today, a bright and positive filly pegasus named Holly Sunlight was on a school trip, which came from Equestria. Holly was not alone, her class was with her, but even if they were not. Holly never feels alone, she makes friends where-ever she goes and she stays friendly. Always keeps her cute smile, even if unaware of her own stubbornness.
Among her classmates / friends was navy-coloured Pegasus named Price Sparkle. He too is very positive, Price makes sure his friends stay close and well.
This school trip is the fourth international planned holiday, which has now declared the land of Lacrimis: safe. It had been five years since the planet threatening war of the Corrupt Heroes had seemingly ended.
The school had spent the first week on both: getting here and sigh
The Legend of Darchine
This legend took place in the lands of Lacrimis around the pre-historic times of Star Swirl the Bearded and Dias Del Darxon. These events were involved with ‘one’ of the hidden voids/alter dimensions, hidden in obscure places of Lacrimis. This void was revealed and sealed after the events of this insane, rageful dragon.
This is the legend of Darchine, the machine dragon extreme.
Ten years after the rise of Dias Del Darxon the dark colossal master. Another extreme abnormal being became noticed. It was white, skinny dragon, with breath-taking hunger and anger issues. This dragon was a grown, adult dragon that was very small compared to the average adult dragon.
This dragon was not known by anypony or dragon for that matter. He did not even have a name, though he could speak, he was not easy to communicate to, he was always in a continuous fit of rage. It was clear that this dragon did not have an easy childhood, there were even ponies who desired to help this insanely hurt an
The Legends of Crescentmouth (MLP creepypasta)
A lonesome city, a flooded no-pony’s land, a rotting city, filled with rotting corpses. This strictly closed-off sea bound city in the west of Lacrimis, is the dead city of Crescentmouth. This city faced a tsunami which received one of the highest death counts in the pony world, but that was not all.
This disaster was not natural, everypony knows it was caused by an eerie, evil and terrifying demon. That is how the rumour was stated across the world, but this rumour caused mystery, confusion and worst of all… curiosity.
This city was closed off for several good reasons, because if anypony dared to enter this sinister, corpse infested city. They would never come back the same again and that is a promise. That is also if, they came back, in that city, three beings of sheer evil are still there. A necromancer, a pegasus phantom and a cursed half-dead little boy.
Please consider the option of not reading this is you are frightened of creepypastas, though these are fan-made sto
Time vs Space
It was dusk, at Dawn Gardens, the sky was cloudless, emanating its twilight. The stars filled the sky and Luna’s moon was beaming as a full moon.
Though space can be seen infinite, it seems rather disturbing just how controlled the world is. The fact that the pegasi can physically control the weather, the unicorns control the times of day and night and then the earth ponies can create crops with all their physical strength.
However, when I look up at the night sky, however beautiful, the fact does not escape me, that there are other worlds and dimensions out there.
Other worlds they are severely different to ours and in some ways similar. I noticed that every form of specie, whether they are from this planet or not, all speak the same language.
This world is already connected, to other alien dimensions through something called the ‘X-rift’. This small crafted dimension connected to ours from an alien dimension and once it did… other worlds were capable of conne
Snowing Roses
Two ponies arrived at the popular forest, known as the Snow Flora Forest, of Lacrimis. A beautiful paradise where love and peace became the top priority. Now it is one of the most perfected places on earth. Some ponies consider it heaven.
Young Yellow Rose and Snowy Petals were having their first date here. These two filly-foolers had a deep crush for each-other since they first met. Now they were finally having some time together.
Leaving the train, Snowy and Rosey could already see the vast beauty of this paradise. Orange, pink and white petals drifting from all around, like snow.
"Wow." Yellow Rose said to Snowy Petals, smiling. "It's beautiful."
Little Snowy giggled.
"You haven't nothing yet." Said the white unicorn, rubbing herself next her cheerful girlfriend. Wrapping their tails together as one.
Petals looked at Rose, not realizing how close their faces were. Their snouts were almost touching, while they were staring down into each-other's huge pretty eyes.
Already, they had th


:bulletgreen: POEMS :bulletgreen:
The lonely kiss (Hearts and Hooves special) by Dr-SirenThe Six Nothings by Dr-Siren


:bulletred: COMICS!! :bulletred:
Fanfic comics:
MLP Corrupt Heroes - part 2 comic trailer by Dr-SirenMLP Corrupt Heroes part 2 - prologue (comic) by Dr-SirenMLP Self-Hybrid Replace - Comic Prologue by Dr-SirenMLP Self-Hybrid Replace - scene 3 comic Prologue by Dr-Siren- by Dr-SirenShadow Moon vs Necroline by Dr-Siren

Scootabloom (Hearts and Hooves special) by Dr-SirenSpikebelle by Dr-SirenTwiShy (Sealed Emotions finale) by Dr-Siren

Screenshot magic:
BonBon the winter traitor by Dr-SirenAsh touches Latias's breasts by Dr-SirenThe creepy Mayor Flitter Flutter by Dr-Siren


:bulletpink: SONGS :bulletpink:
BroKeN inside by Dr-SirenWalking in the air by Dr-Siren
Shit! It was fucking haaaaaard... yet I managed to do the main story all in just over NINE days!
I thought it would be easier if I did what I normally do which is to train just ONE or two pokemon and make the rest HM slaves, to make the story as easy as possible, but that would have the backstories incredibly hard and boring as fuck. So I ended up making a party (all of which forced to hold the Toxic Orb):

:iconserperiorplz: -Grace the calm Serperior
:iconswoobat-plz: -Archangel the adamant Swoobat
:iconscolipede-plz: -Saviour the brave Scolipede
:iconaudinoplz: -Embrace 'Cave Slave' the impish Audino
:iconcarracostaplz: -Shield 'Captain America' the hasty Carracosta
:iconeelektrossplz: -'Princess' Celestia the quirky Eelektross

This party got nuts! Where there was a cute homosexual moment, causing another to evolve (with the genuine method). Archangel is immune to the poisoning (because it had Klutz), but gets seen as a god. The main legendary pokemon was evil and had already been manipulating Team Plasma. The Unova region falls into a revolution and we become fugitives.
It was a crazy play-through for me.

The chapters and Title page in question ^^:
The Poisoned Truth (Nuzlocke) - title page by Dr-Siren -Title page
The Poisoned Truth (Nuzlocke) - chapter 1
It is hard to believe how it all started. When we made our first step to hell, I was merely a mute trainer from a tiny Unova town named Nuvema Town. Back then, I was very lonely and timid and I suffered from anger issues. That is until I was given the chance to have my own pokemon and set off on my own journey, which is where it all began.
This is the story of The Poisoned Truth.
(Based on Pokemon Black Nuzlocke play-through)
It was a late Winter night, two people came into my room acting like they were my friends. I barely knew them. They told came here because we were all getting our first pokemon from the professor here. I did not know what to think or feel, at first I just went along with it. To me, pokemon, like pets would end up burdening us and then breaking our hearts when they would eventually die.
Even so, I choose the Snivy. Right there, as Bianca and Cheren had chosen there pokemon, I started hearing my Snivy talking to me. He was calm, but he said he liked to run too, whic
 -Chapter 1
The Poisoned Truth (Nuzlocke) - chapter 2
Chapter 2:
The plague of lies
Striaton City, at three in the morning, it was not quiet, despite the time of day. When we got there, Grace and Hope wanted to investigate the eerie presence they were feeling.
Ending up a the Dreamyard we came across a woman giving away her pokemon, willingly abandoning them. This was when we were met with a gentle Panpour who was proud of his power. He did not seem too saddened about being left with us. We made sure to make him a brother and gave him the name 'Spring'.
Later we found we could not move, because I had no gym badge. Which was to be our first gym badge, but I knew about the Trio Badge. There are three gym leaders who take their opponent at their weakness, which is a cheap tactic. Showing my thoughts to my pokemon who could easily read my mind somehow, they agreed. In fact Grace seemed calm as usual and determined.
After an hour of careful training, the calm little Snivy eventually evolved into his next evolution, Servine. Grace found himself
 -Chapter 2
The Poisoned Truth (Nuzlocke) - chapter 3
Chapter 3:
The rise of the two undying
The plague of lies was killing us, forcing us back to the pokemon centre again and again whenever each of us became poisoned or hurt, which was not hard in our vulnerable position. Today however, two incredible specks of light came into being, which would forever safeguard us.
Grace and Hope, still in their pokeballs entered Nacrene city. Originally we had intended to simply walk past the city, through the tainted Pinwheel Forest and over to Castelia City, in hope of finding out anything about this plague.
When we entered Pinwheel Forest, our path was blocked by more Team Plasma idiots, meaning that we would have to wait or waste time by further grinding or challenging the normal-type gym in this city. Before we did, Grace the calm Servine came out to train a bit more, which was when he came across a relaxed Pidove. Unusually wise, he spoke of a prophecy that is held by bird pokemon, about a unique psychic pokemon that could possibly be immune to
 -Chapter 3
The Poisoned Truth (Nuzlocke) - chapter 4
Chapter 4
The betrayal of Saviour
The adventure in Castelia City did not last long, there were a few incidents with Team Plasma, however there were quickly destroyed, while they could only speak about their legendary dragon god.
Later the bug gym leader Burgh was creamed quickly, due to our all powerful Archangel. From there we decided to head north, still clueless how we can possibly heal from our plague, but Grace the calm Servine and Embrace the impish Audino remained with us. Our loyal and immune guardians Archangel and Saviour would stay at the front to safeguard us at all times.
Ahead, was a desert, which was the ideal location to introduce a ground-type pokemon, Bond the hasty Sandile. This was a tactical decision since the next gym leader was electric type.
Bond was very low levelled, but her hasty attitude insisted her to be at front to gain experience, while Saviour stayed behind her whenever a pokemon too strong appeared against Bond.
The timing and tactic was just right, si
 -Chapter 4
The Poisoned Truth (Nuzlocke) - chapter 5
Chapter 5
The manipulation of Reshiram
During the venture through the annoyingly upbeat Nimbasa City, we encountered N and Team Plasma YET AGAIN. This time however, it sort of got revealed that we were being stalked by this jolly kid, N who claimed to be the king of Team Plasma.
Since we had now made some sort of connection between Team Plasma and the plague of lies, N was considered a conspirator to spread lies in the impression of being an honest freedom fighter. This was also relatively odd when their sage leader Ghetsis also said the words 'the king'. Many people and his cronies would assume he was talking about N, when he is actually talking about something else.
Grace the calm Servine was taught the attack Return, initially as a replacement attack for Tackle. With it Grace could hold out his own against elements he could not defeat with Mega Drain, Leech Seed and Rest, which were his main moves to fight as well as effectively resist the plague of lies.
Though the strategy was tho
 -Chapter 5
The Poisoned Truth (Nuzlocke) - chapter 6
Chapter 6
The party complete
When today started, the hopes seemed high, we were given the Hidden Machine that teaches Fly, which Archangel learned. Not only now could travel far while he carried the pokeballs, the adamant Swoobat could fight with his element like the angel that he is, though this was not going to benefit him in the hell we were about to enter. Chargestone Cave.
Here, the team started to struggle badly. The plague of lies was yet again making the process and training so hard, that Archangel and Saviour stayed at the front when the party became poisoned.
Even when we kept coming back to train Shield and Grace, after running off to heal, it constantly took one wild pokemon to cripple our members. As if things could not get more annoyingly slow, Team Plasma showed up, setting up a long queue, where our royal guards, Archangel and Saviour battled relentlessly.
Saviour the brave Scolipede had grown past level forty, defending Archangel at his weaknesses, even when they were
 -Chapter 6
The Poisoned Truth (Nuzlocke) - chapter 7
Chapter 7
Condemned to face the Revolution of Truth
The end was near, it was hard to believe the fate of the world relied on a small group who were merely trying to survive the plague of lies. The whole of Reshiram's Team Plasma and many forces clearly wanted us dead, while any listeners would be persuaded to join the cause or release their pokemon, otherwise they too would become infected.
The two head warriors, Archangel and Saviour had no choice to rebel to Team Plasma, they just wanted to save Grace from the beginning and with no such cure for this never ending plague, it seemed that only the spell-caster of this curse could possibly know anything about it, whether it had a cure or not. But it feels as though it came from the king of lies himself and we had earthly clue where to find him.
It was a cold winter morning and because it was, Twist Mountain was piled in snow. It looked beautiful, but only the adamant Swoobat and the brave Scolipede could enjoy the view, since they could
 -Chapter 7
The Poisoned Truth (Nuzlocke) - the grand finale
Chapter 8
Unveiling the poisoned truth
This was our journey's end, where we were doomed to face the King of Lies and take the strongest of all of the Revolution of Truth. Winning the war was possible, surviving was the question.
Reshiram had sent cronies to send us to Victory Road for our next execution, as well as facing Terrakion along the way. The mountain was filled with trainers who had joined the revolution. Naturally, they were simply not strong enough to kill any of us. Terrakion did not fair too well either, yet again it was Saviour who stepped forward to fight the legendary warrior. Even though our faithful knight was vulnerable to rock, she had Dig to easily kill the formidable cave pokemon.
Reaching the top was easy, besides having to constantly dash forward or back to heal due to the plague of lies. Leaving most of the flack to Archangel and Saviour once again.
Training was a calamity at every point until the party had reached over level fifties
 -The grand finale

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