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The most beautiful Poison Pokémon? (question of irony) 

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:bulletblue: My Little Pony Corrupt Heroes :bulletblue:
MLP Corrupt Heroes title page by Dr-SirenMLPCH  part 2 - Title page by Dr-Siren


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MLP Self-Hybrid Replace - Title page by Dr-SirenRain Skipper's Despair  (MLPS-HR poster) by Dr-Siren


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My Little BroKeN Pony - Title page by Dr-Siren (COMIC)


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The Poisoned Truth (Nuzlocke) - title page by Dr-SirenSatan's Angels Nuzlocke - title page by Dr-Siren


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The Nightfall Frolic
It was nightfall, in the land of Lacrimis, a land so very far away from the land of Equestria. A land in such continual downpours and twinkling snowstorms, it magically remains hidden in mirages from any seeing-eye from space.
Today, a bright and positive filly pegasus named Holly Sunlight was on a school trip, which came from Equestria. Holly was not alone, her class was with her, but even if they were not. Holly never feels alone, she makes friends where-ever she goes and she stays friendly. Always keeps her cute smile, even if unaware of her own stubbornness.
Among her classmates / friends was navy-coloured Pegasus named Price Sparkle. He too is very positive, Price makes sure his friends stay close and well.
This school trip is the fourth international planned holiday, which has now declared the land of Lacrimis: safe. It had been five years since the planet threatening war of the Corrupt Heroes had seemingly ended.
The school had spent the first week on both: getting here and sigh
Dr Siren VS X
[Mistralton City – 9:43am]
Leaving Chargestone Cave, was X, a champion famous world wide and is often rumoured to be 'the chosen one.' It was unclear to why he was in the very unique cave of the Unova region, but the trainer had left without a single scratch and without a speck of dust on him. Just outside of Chargestone Cave was Mistralton City, but it was not the first thing X saw.
Only five steps out of the cave, X's sight began to distort, seeing the location around him turn a little more grey and was now suddenly pouring with rain. The dark and brave trainer stood, not worried but weary of what was going on.
“What on earth is this?” Asked X thinking aloud and glancing left to right.
On the path to X's left, which  eventually leads to the Pokémon Centre, were two very unusual looking Pokémon. One was an evil eyed Scolipede in silver armour which seemed to perfectly fit her exoskeleton. The other appeared to be a rather big Swoobat with four wings, t


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The lonely kiss (Hearts and Hooves special) by Dr-SirenThe Six Nothings by Dr-Siren


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Yesterday I set myself up to watch what I believe to be the most hated animé on the internet.
Now I want to make this clear, I am a very open minded person and I actually love this sort of thing. But it me took AGES to find the first episode, without it being a hate-filled review or a 'my reaction' crap.

I first heard about Boku No Pico (and its sequels) from another usual 'fucked up animé' review, which are all over YT, but I was actually very interested. The review was spamming about how all the main characters may look like cute girls, but were actually young boys. Naturally, as an artist/writer who plays with gender and biological differences, I thought this was awesome! I love this sort of stuff. So after like a bloody hour, I found a website that has the episodes.

That was when I realised that this was an under-aged boy-to-boy porn film. Not that I have anything against it, I just don't want to go too deep with the details, because it was pretty hardcore, even for me. That said, I never really liked pornography, to be honest. But when I saw for myself the Pico was really just a cute boy, I pretty much nodded and said 'carry on'. XD (I already knew of it of course)
Perhaps the most disturbing fact about this show (in particular the first episode), was that Pico must have been no younger than 12 while his boyfriend was clearly much older. That does not bother me, mainly because this is just an animated cartoon (HI!!) and there will always be someone who likes what one makes.

In my personal view, I freaking loved it! I love Pico and his character. That he is feminine enough to fool the viewers eye, until we see one of several shots of his groin. Like in many animé, the main character is super cute, out of this world and just fun to watch.
Where it goes downhill for me was the level that the pornography it went to, which was well over 9000. Again, I was unaware of the pornography, initially being more interested in the transvestite concept. In fact, people are considering Boku No Pico the animé equivalent of Two Girls One Cup. I will admit, it was a bit awkward to stomach just how much cum was blown all around the places. It did made me laugh, but not look away.
  • Watching: Boku No Pico
  • Eating: mayonnaise NEVER AGAIN XD

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