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Things to do:


:bulletred: Fan work :bulletred:
-Finish MLPCH scene 27
-Start MLBP page 4
-Start Satan's Angels chapter 1

:bulletpurple: Creative Writing work :bulletpurple:

Who should have I started with? 

6 deviants said :iconturtwig-plz: Turtwig
5 deviants said :iconchimchar-plz: Chimchar
3 deviants said :iconpiplupplz: Piplup





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United Kingdom

:bulletblue: MAJOR FANFICS: :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: My Little Pony Corrupt Heroes :bulletblue:
MLP Corrupt Heroes title page by Dr-SirenMLPCH  part 2 - Title page by Dr-Siren
Starring: Bellchime, Graveking Necrexia
Story genre: Crossover, dark, emotional, romance, action
Story length: 30 chapters


:bulletblue: My Little Pony Self-Hybrid Replace :bulletblue:
MLP Self-Hybrid Replace - Title page by Dr-SirenRain Skipper's Despair  (MLPS-HR poster) by Dr-Siren
Starring: Dark Knight, Dr Malakiya
Story genre: Crossover, horror, grimdark, action
Story length: 5 chapters (spin-off)


:bulletblue: My Little BroKeN Pony :bulletblue:
My Little BroKeN Pony - Title page by Dr-Siren (COMIC)
Starring: Flame Jewel
Story genre: Sadness, dark, comedy
Story Length: Unknown


:bulletblue: The Poisoned Truth :bulletblue:
The Poisoned Truth (Nuzlocke) - title page by Dr-Siren (Nuzlocke)
Story genre: Darkness
Story Length: 8 chapters


:bulletpurple: SHORT STORIES: :bulletpurple:
The Nightfall Frolic
It was nightfall, in the land of Lacrimis, a land so very far away from the land of Equestria. A land in such continual downpours and twinkling snowstorms, it magically remains hidden in mirages from any seeing-eye from space.
Today, a bright and positive filly pegasus named Holly Sunlight was on a school trip, which came from Equestria. Holly was not alone, her class was with her, but even if they were not. Holly never feels alone, she makes friends where-ever she goes and she stays friendly. Always keeps her cute smile, even if unaware of her own stubbornness.
Among her classmates / friends was navy-coloured Pegasus named Price Sparkle. He too is very positive, Price makes sure his friends stay close and well.
This school trip is the fourth international planned holiday, which has now declared the land of Lacrimis: safe. It had been five years since the planet threatening war of the Corrupt Heroes had seemingly ended.
The school had spent the first week on both: getting here and sigh
The Legends of Crescentmouth (MLP creepypasta)
A lonesome city, a flooded no-pony’s land, a rotting city, filled with rotting corpses. This strictly closed-off sea bound city in the west of Lacrimis, is the dead city of Crescentmouth. This city faced a tsunami which received one of the highest death counts in the pony world, but that was not all.
This disaster was not natural, everypony knows it was caused by an eerie, evil and terrifying demon. That is how the rumour was stated across the world, but this rumour caused mystery, confusion and worst of all… curiosity.
This city was closed off for several good reasons, because if anypony dared to enter this sinister, corpse infested city. They would never come back the same again and that is a promise. That is also if, they came back, in that city, three beings of sheer evil are still there. A necromancer, a pegasus phantom and a cursed half-dead little boy.
Please consider the option of not reading this is you are frightened of creepypastas, though these are fan-made sto
Time vs Space
It was dusk, at Dawn Gardens, the sky was cloudless, emanating its twilight. The stars filled the sky and Luna’s moon was beaming as a full moon.
Though space can be seen infinite, it seems rather disturbing just how controlled the world is. The fact that the pegasi can physically control the weather, the unicorns control the times of day and night and then the earth ponies can create crops with all their physical strength.
However, when I look up at the night sky, however beautiful, the fact does not escape me, that there are other worlds and dimensions out there.
Other worlds they are severely different to ours and in some ways similar. I noticed that every form of specie, whether they are from this planet or not, all speak the same language.
This world is already connected, to other alien dimensions through something called the ‘X-rift’. This small crafted dimension connected to ours from an alien dimension and once it did… other worlds were capable of conne
Snowing Roses
Two ponies arrived at the popular forest, known as the Snow Flora Forest, of Lacrimis. A beautiful paradise where love and peace became the top priority. Now it is one of the most perfected places on earth. Some ponies consider it heaven.
Young Yellow Rose and Snowy Petals were having their first date here. These two filly-foolers had a deep crush for each-other since they first met. Now they were finally having some time together.
Leaving the train, Snowy and Rosey could already see the vast beauty of this paradise. Orange, pink and white petals drifting from all around, like snow.
"Wow." Yellow Rose said to Snowy Petals, smiling. "It's beautiful."
Little Snowy giggled.
"You haven't nothing yet." Said the white unicorn, rubbing herself next her cheerful girlfriend. Wrapping their tails together as one.
Petals looked at Rose, not realizing how close their faces were. Their snouts were almost touching, while they were staring down into each-other's huge pretty eyes.
Already, they had th
Dr Siren VS Chris
[Lumoise City Airport – 11:35pm]
Arriving very early for his flight to Canalave City in Sinnoh, Pokemon trainer Chris found himself slumped back on a chair after getting informed that his flight had been delayed, due to another flight that was arriving late into the same airport. As it urns out, Chris arrived with a total of two hours and thirty four minutes to spare.
All Chris could do for now was aimlessly wait in the massive waiting room which was noticeably quiet. Despite this being one of the biggest cities on Earth, this waiting was dead quiet. Normally most trainers would let out Pokemon to keep them out of boredom, but for one reason after another, Pokemon are strictly not permitted out of their pokeballs, unless they were well behaved and Chris specializes in ghost types, which are the least likely type to stay still, let alone for over two hours.
The secret scientist had put down on his Transceiver profile 'Boredddd' to say that he was still waiting. As it happened some
Dr Siren VS X
[Mistralton City – 9:43am]
Leaving Chargestone Cave, was X, a champion famous world wide and is often rumoured to be 'the chosen one.' It was unclear to why he was in the very unique cave of the Unova region, but the trainer had left without a single scratch and without a speck of dust on him. Just outside of Chargestone Cave was Mistralton City, but it was not the first thing X saw.
Only five steps out of the cave, X's sight began to distort, seeing the location around him turn a little more grey and was now suddenly pouring with rain. The dark and brave trainer stood, not worried but weary of what was going on.
“What on earth is this?” Asked X thinking aloud and glancing left to right.
On the path to X's left, which  eventually leads to the Pokémon Centre, were two very unusual looking Pokémon. One was an evil eyed Scolipede in silver armour which seemed to perfectly fit her exoskeleton. The other appeared to be a rather big Swoobat with four wings, t


:bulletgreen: POEMS :bulletgreen:
The lonely kiss (Hearts and Hooves special) by Dr-SirenThe Six Nothings by Dr-Siren


:bulletred: COMICS!! :bulletred:
Fanfic comics:
MLP Corrupt Heroes - part 2 comic trailer by Dr-SirenMLP Corrupt Heroes part 2 - prologue (comic) by Dr-SirenMLP Self-Hybrid Replace - Comic Prologue by Dr-SirenMLP Self-Hybrid Replace - scene 3 comic Prologue by Dr-Siren- by Dr-SirenShadow Moon vs Necroline by Dr-Siren

Scootabloom (Hearts and Hooves special) by Dr-SirenSpikebelle by Dr-SirenTwiShy (Sealed Emotions finale) by Dr-Siren

Screenshot magic:
BonBon the winter traitor by Dr-SirenAsh touches Latias's breasts by Dr-SirenThe creepy Mayor Flitter Flutter by Dr-Siren


:bulletpink: SONGS :bulletpink:
BroKeN inside by Dr-SirenWalking in the air by Dr-Siren

Dr Siren stamp by Dr-SirenDr Siren - trainer stamp by Dr-SirenBellchime fan stamp by Dr-Siren
Okay! The game has been decided (by you) and it is going to be my Pokémon Platinum :icongiratinaplz: (the best of gen 4). Through another poll it was decided that I will be starting with :iconchimchar-plz: Chimchar.

This time, instead of having one EXTREMELY brutal rule like I did for The Poisoned Truth, I am to going just a few, but more harsh rules.

:bulletred: MY RULES :bulletred:

:bulletred: As with any Nuzlocke, if any Pokémon faints, actually DIES. Meaning they have to be buried (released) immediately afterward.

:bulletred: My main rule this time will be to clear the whole run without evolving ANY Pokémon or catching any evolved ones.
This means the only Pokémon I will be allowed to use are as follows:
:iconturtwig-plz::iconchimchar-plz::iconpiplupplz::iconstarly-plz::iconbidoofplz::iconkricketotplz::iconshinxplz::iconabraplz::iconmagikarpplz:(oh yay):iconbudewplz::iconzubatplz::icongeodudeplz::icononixplz::iconcranidosplz::iconshieldonplz::iconmachopplz::iconpsyduckplz::iconburmyplz::iconwurmpleplz::iconcombeeplz::iconpachirisuplz::iconbuizelplz::iconcherubiplz::iconshellosplz::iconheracrossplz::iconaipom-plz::icondrifloonplz::iconbunearyplz::icongastlyplz::iconmisdreavusplz::iconmurkrow-plz::iconglameowplz::icongoldeenplz::iconbarboachplz::iconchinglingplz::iconstunkyplz::iconmedititeplz::iconbronzorplz::iconponyta:(TWILIGHT SPARKLE!):iconbonsly-plz::iconmimejrplz::iconhappinyplz::iconcleffaplz::iconchatotplz::iconpichuplz::iconhoothootplz::iconspiritomb-plz::icongibleplz::iconmunchlaxplz::iconunownplz:(...fair enough):iconrioluplz::iconwooperplz::iconwingullplz::icongirafarigplz:(Discord):iconhippopotasplz::iconazurillplz::iconskorupiplz::iconcroagunkplz::iconcarnivineplz::iconremoraidplz::iconfinneonplz::icontentacool-plz::iconfeebasplz::iconmantykeplz::iconsnoverplz::iconsneasel-plz::iconrotom-plz::icongligarplz::iconnosepassplz::iconraltsplz::iconlickitungplz::iconeeveeplz::iconswablu-plz::icontogepi-plz::iconhoundourplz::iconmagnemiteplz::icontangelaplz::iconyanmaplz::icontropiusplz::iconrhyhorn-plz::iconduskullplz::iconporygonplz::iconscytherplz:(oh yeah!):iconelekidplz::iconmagbyplz::iconswinubplz::iconsnoruntplz::iconabsolplz:

So I have lots of cute Pokémon to choose from.

:bulletred: Since there are A LOT of Pokémon I can befriend, I will be only allowed to catch them once and once they are dead, I will not catch anymore of the same specie.

:bulletred: I will be solely alone in this world, which means I can not interact with either my Pearl or Diamond (as I did with The Poisoned Truth).
Crap! This also means I will not be able to get a Spiritomb either...

:bulletred: To make this playthrough a little more serious and tricky, the automatic switch command will be at 'set'. So like in a link battle, I won't be able to switch unfairly, while the opponent is bringing out their next Pokémon.

:bulletred: With this title, I will be allowed to catch one legendary, which can only be the devil itself :icongiratinaplz:

:bulletred: Finally, to contrast the darkness by bringing light with these little angels, they will all be given cute names like:
The Giratina (being the devil) may be given an evil name...
*Any more suggestions for names?*


:bulletgreen: Capture Giratina to bring judgement day! Um... happily. ^^

:bulletgreen: To enter the Pokémon league, each of the little angels in the 'final run' must have a Master Ribbon of any category from the Super  Contests...
(I'm gonna fucking regret this...)

:bulletgreen: Defeat the Pokémon league

Not sure when I will start this, but it should soon! Like the Poisoned Truth, I will upload each phase with several screenshots from my actual gameplay.

So wish me luck. ^^"

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